Customer Reward Points

Customer Reward Points

What are Customer Reward Points?

  • Earn 1 point for every $ you spend on our store! Good to apply towards discounts for future purchases. A way for us to say "Thank You" to our repeat customers!
  • You can redeem your points at a rate of 20 points equal $1! So if you spend $100 in our store, you will get $5 off your next order!
  • This equates to you earning 5% on each order as a discount on your next!! (Every 20 points = $1!!!)

How do I know how many points I have?

  • Log into your account and then go to the My Account or Account Details page.
  • Here you should see in how many points you have.
  • Also while on your Account Details page you can click on Points History to see when you earned points and when you used points.

Do I have to create an account to collect points?

  • Yes. In order for us to track how many points you earn and spend, we need for you to have an account. See our Privacy Policy for how we use your personal information.
  • You also need to log into your account to be able to spend your points.

How do I use my points to pay or help pay for an order?

  • Log into your account
  • Add items to your cart
  • Go to the "Checkout" page.
  • On the "Checkout" page, after selecting a Shipping Method scroll down below the "Order Summary" section.
  • Enter the amount of points you want to apply to this order and click the white "Submit" button. The page will update to show your new total.
  • If you don't have enough points to pay for the entire order, please enter a payment method and complete your order.

How do I know how many points I have earned per order?

  • Log into your account an go to the "My Account" page
  • Click on "Points History" or "Orders History"
  • Points History gives a quick summary. If you want more detail go to "Order History" and select which order you want to look up.
  • There you will see the Points Earned for this Order and any Points Applied for a discount.

How do the referral points work?

  • Log into your account an click on the "Earn Referral Points!" link in the footer.
  • On the Referral page, enter the name and email address for up to 3 friends you would like to refer to us.
  • You can also enter a personal message in the "Your Message" box.
  • For your convenience you can see the email template that shows what will be sent to your friends. Notice that it includes a discount coupon for each of your friends to save 5% off of their first order if that order includes at least $10 of merchandise.
  • As long as the friend places an order within 60 days, you will receive points from their order at the normal point allocation rate of 1 point per $1 spent with the store.
  • Note: You will only receive points from the 1st order of a referral and to receive those points the order must be placed within 60 days.