StarCraft SoftFlex - All Colors and Sizes

StarCraft SoftFlex - All Colors and Sizes

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Black Bright Red Bright Yellow Fluorescent Orange Fluorescent Pink Fluorescent Yellow Green Grey Light Green Metallic Gold Metallic Silver Navy Orange Pink Red Royal Blue Sky Blue White Yellow


12" x 12" 12" x 24" 12" x 5 Foot 12" x 5 Yard 12" x 10 Yard 12" x 25 Yard 12" x 50 Yard

Weight 0.10 lbs
Manufacturer StarCraft Vinyl
Finish Matte
Vinyl Type Heat Transfer

StarCraft SoftFlex HTV is a stretchable matte finish vinyl that applies at a lower temperature than most heat transfer vinyls, giving you several options of garment materials to which it can be adhered. StarCraft SoftFlex is also layerable.

  • Certification: REACH Compliance
  • Specifications: Matte/Flat Finish; 90 Microns / 3.5 Mils; Can be layered
  • Applies To: 100% cotton; 100% uncoated polyester; Poly/cotton blends; Tri-Blends*
  • Heat Application:
    • Time: 8-10 seconds
    • Temperature: 285° F / 140° C
    • Pressure: Medium to Firm
    • Peel: Warm
  • Care Instructions: Wait 24 hours before first wash; No harsh detergents or bleach; Tumble dry low heat**

*Application to blends that contain Rayon/Viscose or Spandex/Elastan should be applied with caution. Application at 265° F with two presses of 4-5 seconds each with garment allowed to cool between presses is recommended.

**Hang to dry is recommended to increase longevity of the garment and heat transfer vinyl. Drying with heat may also shrink the garment and cause puckering of the heat transfer vinyl so caution is advised.