About Our Site

We stock Oracal 651 permanent vinyl. Oracal 651 is the leading brand of adhesive vinyl for a reason, it is unmatched in both quality and value.

We also carry the full line of Siser EASYWEED heat transfer vinyl, a brand that has also distinguished itself by being easy to use and of a very high quality.

Brilliant Vinyl has always been and continues to be a family run business. From the beginning we have set out to be a premier supplier of vinyl for the craft market. We have tried to set ourselves apart with real, honest, and heartfelt customer service. We started early on with our Same Day Shipping Guarantee for orders placed before 2pm ET. We have real people answering our phones with the ability to provide real answers and solutions.

Brilliant Vinyl was started in late 2015 out of a 20'x20' garage in Hampton, GA. From the beginning all the way through 2020 the business grew quickly and there were several business space upgrades. 

In March of 2016, we moved into a retail space with 1,500 square feet. We quickly realized that we needed more space and in June of 2016 moved into the empty 3,000 square foot space next door.

Then in September of 2016, we asked for our original 1,500 square foot space back. At this point we had approximately 4,500 square feet of space for Brilliant Vinyl.

With the industry and Brilliant Vinyl still growing, we moved to a 14,000 square foot space in McDonough, GA in April of 2017. This space was half showroom/office and half warehouse. Since we deal in vinyl which needs to be in a conditioned space, we paid a contractor to install air conditioning units in the warehouse.

In March of 2018, a 4,500 square foot space next to Brilliant Vinyl became available and we acquired this space to help sustain our continued growth. At this point we were occupying 19,500 square feet.

As the growth continued, we continued to be ambitious. In June of 2019 we leased two connected spaces at a new location in McDonough GA that total 45,000 square feet. One of the spaces was approximately 30,000 square feet and the other was 15,000. The 30,000 square foot space was mostly warehouse and already had a air conditioning installed in the warehouse. Our staff was quite large at this time and we decided to pay for a buildout in the new space that consisted of more office space and a large classroom. We finally moved into this new building in February of 2020...just in time for Covid-19.

We have been in this new business location since 2020. However, in July of 2023 we sub-leased the 15,000 square foot space. We now occupy 30,000 square feet.